COMDay expands learning opportunities

By Seán McGlone & Danielle Hogan  Editor-in-Chief & Arts Editor 

edited com day
Speakers during the “Futures in Focus” panel discussed their work in the Sports Communication field. Photo by Seán McGlone

On Tuesday, March 6, the Communications Program hosted its sixth annual COMDay in de Witt Hall. The theme for the day was “Focus on the Future”.The program featured 20 speakers and covered topics in the communications field, such as sports communications, data analytics, and non-profit communications.

The event began with remarks from Chair of the Communications Program Meryl Perlson. The program transitioned to the “Futures in Focus” panel, which featured Justine Pouravelis from NESN, NFL reporter Don Banks, and Lasell ‘14 alum and DraftKings employee Zachary Gray. The panel discussed their careers in sports media and how to function in a professional setting during a restructuring of the media industry.

The program also featured Boston-based graphic designer Clif Stoltze of Stoltze Design, who discussed his work producing graphics for a number of local companies. Stoltze was included as part of COMDay as a way to incorporate the graphic design program, which is now under the School of Communication & the Arts.

David Beard, Digital Media Journalist and Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, was this year’s keynote speaker. Beard is a former writer for both The Boston Globe and The Washington Post and has worked in digital media for the last decade. His presentation was titled “Opportunity: Where Journalism Goes Next” and focused on the multiple opportunities presented in digital media and journalism.

Other panels that occurred were “Strengthening the Community With Impact” and “Communication and Your Future – Why Data Matters,” which focused on communications professionals discussing working inside non-profit organizations and the importance of data analytics in the modern communication field.

Ten alumni later shared their post-graduation experiences with those in attendance. Associate Professor of Journalism Marie Franklin facilitated the alumni panel at the end of the day. The alumni discussed how to stay optimistic and keep an open-mind when looking for a job.  “It’s never too early or too late to get involved,” said Lasell ’17 alum Ryan Fitzgerald.


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