Hospitality Day engages students with professionals

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Hospitality 2.JPG
Keynote Speaker Ty Kuppig discussed his work with companies like Rolex, Ocean Spray, and Delta Airlines. Photo by Katie Schneider

The fourth annual student-run Hospitality Day occurred on March 1 in the Athletic Center and de Witt Hall. Hospitality Day focuses on material for Hospitality, Event Management, and Resort & Casino Management students.

Sophomore Cecelia Costa has been attending Hospitality Day since her senior year of high school. “Hospitality Day is one of the reasons I chose Lasell. Being able to see all these professionals come here and give students opportunities in the industry is truly amazing,” Costa said.

The morning started with a career fair where students could interact with key professionals in the hospitality industry, such as Boston Harbor Hotel, Crystal Travel & Tours, and the National Association for Catering and Events. The first session progressed into a networking brunch where casual conversations were welcomed. Senior Michelle Woodruff mentions that her favorite part of Hospitality Day this year was the career fair.

“It was nice to be able to talk to everyone on a personal level and meet the different professionals in the area,” said Woodruff.

Topics in breakout sessions included “Millenials in the Hospitality Industry” and  “Hospitality: The Ever-changing Industry.” Afterwards, students listened to Keynote Speaker Ty Kuppig, founder of Tyger Productions. Tyger Productions is an event design, planning & management company serving clients from Rolex to Delta Airlines.

The final event of the day included an informative alumni panel where Margaret Stracuzzi, Jamie Trevino, and Jacquelyn Huber led a discussion about life after Lasell, sharing the realities of the industry. “Sometimes you luck out with normal hours, but be prepared to work crazy hours,” said Huber.

Stracuzzi was eager to return to Lasell. “I love just getting passionate again, I love hearing all the students getting excited, wanting to learn about new opportunities and internships. I love representing my company,” she said.

Stracuzzi now works for Entertainment Cruises as the event planner, handling 321 events a year on the Boston Harbor.

Lasell senior planners Alex Hoffman, Lauren DiGiandomenico, and Madison Garside came up on their third year planning and running the event. “We decided that it is [our] event and we can take risks, try to change things up, and get people excited for the day in a new perspective,” said Hoffman.

When talking about their favorite part of the event, Garside mentioned, “We focused this year on getting quality booths over quantity. I think we really succeeded in that.” DiGiandomenico added, “My favorite part is the bond with everyone in our major. I wouldn’t have met other students within the program if I didn’t do this.”

“I really like how they have a day dedicated towards Hospitality, and are breaking everyone in no matter what year they’re in,” said freshman event management major Ana Knight.

The program announced sophomore Ally Parabicoli and junior Liam Gillis will organize next year’s Hospitality Day.


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