Spotlight: Justice Studies

By Alex Balletto – Copy Editor 

I owe my success to the Justice Studies Program. It has offered me unique opportunities while obtaining my undergraduate degree. Last semester, I participated in mock trial with Lasell’s American Mock Trial Association team, and it was worthwhile to say the least.  We traveled to Maine (the way life should be) for an invitational at Bowdoin College, and to regionals at Boston College. We competed with ivy leagues and had seasoned judges and assistant AGs preside over our arguments and testimonials. I played two roles: the plaintiff, a distraught and doped pilot; and the defendant, a bogus soup truck owner.  Ironically, the hardest part of it was getting the he’s and she’s correct in trial.

My colleagues on the team will be lifelong connections. Despite the team’s internal disputes (I joke this is a result of our desire to be lawyers), together we have laughed, loved, and learned. All will do big things in the field, and I am happy to call them friends. Our professor, Steve Rosenthal, is a reliable and intelligent leader, and we are lucky to have him.

Where I admit to carefully selecting my courses, (and my professors for that matter), I have never felt my options weren’t plentiful. College is what you make it, and at Lasell – especially in my program – a student has the means to do very well.

With the caring program chair, Professor Linda Bucci, students are guided to participate in rewarding experiences.  As I was considering an alternative to mock trial, she told me I was not taking advantage of the opportunities in front of me. She was right…and that’s why college is what you make it.  In the JS department, professors are flexible and encourage as much development in the  field as possible.

Each JS student benefits from the first-rate and connected professors.  Most of my major courses are taught by adjunct professors, which I believe to be the true jewel of the program.  I’ve had the opportunity to learn from an Asst. District Attorney, Staff House officials, and experienced attorneys of all sorts. Through them, I have been able to intern in the Mass. House Speaker’s office and in the DA’s office.

Even with all this, I have had significant opportunity to explore other programs and attractive electives at Lasell.

In sum, I am grateful for JS. And where it may seem I am bragging about the program, I forever will.

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