Take 3 takes off in Winslow

By Dana Sutcliffe & Olivia Angerosa – 1851 Staff 

With the transition from Sodexo to Chartwells this academic year, Lasell has seen positive changes in the dining facilities across campus. For most, the Take 3 stations in Winslow and Einstein’s are convenient places to stop before class to grab a quick bite to eat. This relieves the stress of waking up early or rushing to and from the dining hall in between classes.Before the switch to Chartwells, Take 3 had two coolers full of either greek salad or a chicken ceasar salad, and a variety of sandwiches. There was a drink cooler, a small coffee station, fruit, and limited types of chips to choose from. After the transition, the options have become increasingly more abundant. The station has grown to accommodate an entirely new section devoted to breakfast foods such as soft multi-grain bars and small to-go cups of cereal favorites like Cheerios and Frosted Flakes.

The coffee station has grown to offer four new flavors of java and three varieties of tea. The fridges now have colorful rows of yogurt and granola with flavors such as strawberry and vanilla. In addition, there are also new muffin options and small cups with dried fruit and nuts to take on the way to class. This option is not only healthier, but also provides students with a convenient and highly accessible way to fuel up in Winslow before class.

It certainly hasn’t been a smooth road for Chartwells, with some students voicing the main dining facility, Valentine Dining Hall, doesn’t have all the options they knew and loved from Sodexo. With small steps and minor changes, the company has been working diligently to ensure that the students’ requests are taken care of – making for an enjoyable overall experience.

Take 3 has been a success in the eyes of the students at Lasell, the Chartwells employers, and even professors who enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee before heading to his or her class. With an improved and healthier choice of options, it’s no surprise that the change in Take 3 is much appreciated.

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