“Tarnished” hits gold with recent issue

By Seán McGlone & Emily Long – Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

“Tarnished” Magazine’s issue for the 2016-17 school year was recently awarded a Gold Medalist Certificate from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The issue included more focus on the written aspect of the magazine, according to advisor Stephen Fischer. Photo courtesy of Stephen Fischer

“Tarnished” Magazine was awarded a Gold Medalist Certificate from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for its 2016-17 issue.The Columbia Scholastic Press Association judges student-run publications focused on aspects such as content, writing, editing, and design. Awards are based on a number of different categories including cover design, page layout, and illustration. The magazine was one of over 1,100 submissions from international publications that were examined this year.

“I certainly hope [receiving this award] influences [students] to achieve better results,” said club advisor Stephen Fischer. “This is the first time we’ve had a golden award for the entire publication and the students who are working on the current issue are looking at that knowing that they have a high standard to achieve.”

“Tarnished” is produced by Graphic Design League students and members of Fischer’s Publication Design class. While the primary focus of the magazine is visual arts, this past issue also included an editorial staff to emphasize writing. Fischer believes this is something that helped in the judging process and is something the group can continue to build on.

Senior Olivia O’Connell designed this issue’s cover and says designing wasn’t something she expected to experience. Her role this year started small; designing a simple layout until the team turned efforts towards working on the cover. Designing the cover was something that really caught her attention, and O’Connell was “ecstatic” when she found out her cover was chosen.

“The most rewarding part of being involved with ‘Tarnished’ is seeing all of your hard work, time, and effort printed out. There is always something special seeing your work printed out rather than on a computer screen,” said O’Connell.

The writing component of the magazine was overseen by English Department Chair Rebecca Kennedy. She describes how the magazine has to put designs and layouts together with articles that further illustrate the message the magazine is trying to convey.

“There are two different pieces coming together – The biggest challenge is making sure the right draft of the article goes into the magazine,” said Kennedy. For her, the award is a testament to Fischer and his work with the students.

“Stephen Fischer has a wonderful vision for this magazine – He knows how to pull together all of the various pieces,” Kennedy said. “The students have worked really, really hard and thrown themselves into the magazine.”

Fischer says winning this award is a great resume builder for students and points student interest as a major factor of the group’s success. “We had a great group last year working on this issue. There was a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of interest coming from students and I think that made the difference, it always makes the difference really,” said Fischer.

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