“Colors” exhibit cures winter blues

By Emily Long & Pavel Zlatin – 1851 Staff

Water liles-2
A rendition of Monet’s “Water Lilies” by the class at Rockwell Preschool. Photo by Cristina Serratore

Although March 20 marked the official start of spring, warm temperatures and t-shirts are nowhere in sight. For a fresh taste of spring weather, Lasell Village is hosting an intergenerational art exhibit, appropriately entitled “Colors,” from now until April 5. 

Village residents and co-chairs Jean and Peter Stringham described the exhibit as “art for all ages”. The artists featured come from three age groups- preschoolers at Rockwell Preschool, kids from The Barn, and Lasell Village residents. All of the pieces, located in the Town Hall of the Village, feature an array of bright colors and styles.

The exhibit features artwork ranging from finger paintings to photography. “It cheers me up every time I walk by and look at budding artists,” said Village resident Ruth Margilon-Silin, who has resided at Lasell Village since it’s opening in 2000. “It always brings a smile to my face,” said Margilon-Silon. Understandably, one simply can’t help but smile when seeing preschooler’s takes on Monet’s water lilies. The older class from Rockwell Preschool created pieces by outlining a bridge in painter’s tape, adding paint and flowers, then taking off the tape to reveal a bridge over a flower-filled garden. The preschooler’s also took a shot at some other famous artists with modern art a la Andy Warhol with a color blocked handprint installment and even some Jackson Pollock.

The artworks featured in the exhibit are as diverse as their creators. All together, there were 145 featured pieces of art in the exhibit. On the walls of Lasell Village Town Hall, one can find well-balanced and truly stunning pieces of art created by the Village residents, naive artworks of Rockwell students, as well as simple, colorful and joyful paintings of toddlers, some of which are as young as 7 months.

In its diversity, the exhibit resembles Brianna Tepper’s “Reactions” that had been held in Yamawaki Center last November. Those who are familiar exhibit will particularly enjoy works created by Lasell Village quilters.

Overall, “Colors” is an absolute must-see for everyone who seeks a splash of joy and color during this rather gloomy spring.

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