Danny Burns: a new face on dance team

By Avery Stankus & Katie Schneider – 1851 Staff

Freshman Danny Burns recently became the first male member of the Lasell College Dance Team. Photo by Katie Schneider

Like most incoming freshmen, Danny Burns wanted to get involved.

At the beginning of this semester, Burns became the newest member of the Lasell College Dance Team. The recent addition to the team makes Burns the first male student to be a part of the team. 

Burns had previously never danced for a team nor taken a single dance class. For him, his passion for dance had always been about the music.

“I have never taken a dance class, but music has always had a big influence on me,” said Burns. “Growing up, my dad and mom loved music so they’d play it and I’d just dance to it.”

Since arriving to campus, Burns knew he wanted to join the team, but sat out during tryouts held in the fall semester. However, the dancer’s friends encouraged him to disregard his hesitations and try out for the spring semester. Burns was both nervous and excited. Ballet leaps and spins were not his forte, but he managed to master the choreographed routine.

Burns practiced four days a week with the team to prepare for the first performance of the semester. It may have been his first time performing in front of an audience, but he exuded confidence.

“The first game was really exciting. I was nervous because there were a lot of people, but once you hear the music go and start doing the dance moves, you zone out and you just don’t realize there’s a full audience,” Burns said.

Burns is a huge fan of hip-hop, as well as the contemporary style of dance. “I love dancing to Cardi B. She always puts me in the mood and amps me up,” said Burns when asked about the musical aspect of dance.

Burns is thrilled and honored to be the first male on the team because it relays an important message. “I wanted to show people you don’t have to be a certain gender, race, or ethnicity to be a part of something like this. I feel like the dance team, or anything in general, doesn’t have to be labeled with a certain background,” Burns said. “I hope that this leads to more male dancers on the team or that they’ll feel accepted and not judged.”

Dancing isn’t about labels but the art itself, and Burns proves just that.

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