Sports Management students recognized for academic excellence and community service

 By Seán McGlone – Editor-in-Chief

Balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities and community service can be very demanding for students. However, for senior Tim Major and junior Lane Sulzer, this is what earned them the second annual M. Perry Chapman Community Service and Scholarship Award.

The award is given to a Sports Management student who best exemplifies the ideals of M. Perry Chapman, whom the award is named after. Chapman was protective of the environment, believed in the importance of education and supported various local charities, according to Professor and Chair of the Sports Management Department Daniel Sargeant. While Chapman had no actual connection to Lasell, Sargeant says he exemplified some of the morals and ideals they’d like to see in Sports Management students.

The award was given out at the annual Sports Management Advisory Board Dinner, where finalists for the award were in attendance. While the award is normally given to one student, Sargeant says when the decision had to be made – the committee couldn’t decide on a winner. Major was overcome with excitement upon receiving his prize.

“I couldn’t take the smile off my face when they called my name because, you know, any time you’re recognized like that it’s really nice, justifies all the hard work you’ve put into everything,” Major said.

Sargeant helped develop the award alongside Dawn Chapman, Perry’s widow. Students are required to submit a two-page letter highlighting their accomplishments and qualifications in the last year to deserve to win. The prizes for the winner include having their name inscribed on a plaque for the award, a $500 scholarship, an assortment of gift cards, and the ability to design their own shoe at Saucony headquarters.

For Sargeant, this was an opportunity to see how much both Sulzer and Major have grown since they came in as first-years.

“It’s great having seen them start out as kind of quiet, shy freshmen and now they’re doing leadership things around campus… You watch them grow up in a lot of ways,” said Sargeant. “Now they know they have the maturity, they have the confidence to go out and do stuff, which is our goal to send them out not only knowing content material, but having the confidence of ‘I can do this’ ‘I know how to make things happen.’”

While the pool of applicants had grown from eight last year to nearly 15 this year, Sargeant hopes it will become a more competitive award for students in the future.

“We’d just like to make [the award] more popular and more competitive. We’d like to have every sport management student going for it and going out and doing the stuff that it takes, because the flipside of doing what it takes to get this award is great resume build,” Sargeant said. “So it serves that purpose too that even if you didn’t win the award all of the stuff you did, that’s stuff you’re putting on your resume that makes you look more impressive.”

Major echoed Sargeant’s idea of resume build and says winning the award will help to motivate him more in the future. “Looking back on what I’ve done, that’s how I won this award and I want to maintain that level of excellence that I think I’ve brought to my professional career through the years,” he said. “[Being a senior] I don’t have the opportunity to win this award again, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop being the best professional I can be.”

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