Washington teaches community ‘We don’t look like our stories’

By Ruth Kehinde 1851 Staff

Monti 4
Speaker Monti Washington hosted his presentation “From the Streets to the Stage” on February 22. Washington discussed how his rough upbringing made him a better person and stressed the importance of being yourself. Photo by Katie Schneider

Award winning poet, actor, and motivational speaker Monti Washington talked about the fundamentals of life in his presentation, “From the Streets to the Stage,” in de Witt Hall on February 22. In his presentation he described the goals that individuals have are dreams and in order to make them come true, we need to have confidence within ourselves for without it, progression will never be possible.

Washington started the presentation by talking about his rough childhood, but said he used his past to leap forward to become better than he was. The invisible scars that transformed him, motivated him to make a name of himself. The events that created those invisible scars had him go into the lowest and darkest part in his life. This part of his life can be occurring in any person lives which is why it’s vital for someone to speak up and seek aid if they ever felt as if their life isn’t worth fulfilling. Getting aid is a step closer to forming yourself into a greater person than you’ve ever imagined.

Washington emphasizes that, “Whatever we’re going through, it can either destroy or make you.” No matter how good or bad the situation is, there’s always room for improvement.

Washington also touched upon how many individuals will look back in the past and regret what occurred. He inspired the audience by providing the remainder of the things that happened to us can’t be changed, but what we can change is how we’re going to live our lives.

Washington emphasized that lives aren’t settled around maybes, it’s by direct answers such as yes or no. The audience connected with Washington’s speech as it revealed to them that we all have a purpose in life and it’s that purpose that creates a passion within ourselves to be madly driven into.

Washington also said being yourself is the greatest person you can be because if you’re not, it’s identity theft. Life’s too short to compare yourself to others because comparison is the thief of joy. Washington’s wisdom embraced the audience’s hearts as they were reminded to embrace themselves to have the formation of self-love. Washington’s main message he wanted his audience to take away was that “we need to start to dream awake for if we work towards our desires, that’s when progression takes place. Don’t hesitate into achieving what you want- listen to yourself”.

Washington’s speech created a scenery of peace, unity and love. Washington is a great influence and provides a way of open-mindedness.

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