A love letter to New England winter

By Michael Bueno – Opinion Editor

Goodbye winter, old friend. I’m going to miss the quiet frosty mornings where I see my breath while the fresh layer of snow blows off the covered pine trees. Not many reap the joys of winter as much as they should, often times complaining after the second or third snowfall. New England is one of the few places where you can really experience the natural beauty of the four seasons. They’re all great in their own special way, but there’s something about the silence of winter that comforts me. The cold wind howling as a blizzard shuts down entire cities and towns, the silent nights interrupted only by snow plows scraping against the road. The only words that come to mind when describing winter: pure bliss.  

I’m going to miss the crisp snowy mornings where I would haul my ski equipment to the White Mountains to get the first tracks. Of course, I’d never make it quick enough. Those rest stop hot chocolates usually lead me astray from my quest to be the first on the lift. The early bird might get the worm, but it doesn’t get the hot chocolate.  

I understand why people get frustrated with you, old friend. You make commutes difficult; the slick snowy roads don’t appeal to many people. Your backbreaking snow is daunting, and sometimes inconvenient. But don’t worry. We’re enduring, hard-nosed New Englanders. Quite honestly, there aren’t many things that I consider better than a snowy New England town.  

Now that the snow is melting and the flowers are blooming, I start to realize how much winter means to me. It reminds me of the all the memories I have as a child. Romping in the snow with my mother, building snow forts with the neighborhood kids, and throwing snowballs at the plow trucks passing by (don’t tell my mom). I cherish these memories and they make me feel nostalgic about the winter white outs as a kid.  

As the season comes to a close I can’t help but feel a wacky form of seasonal depression. While everyone hides in the winter, I thrive. That being said, spring is quickly approaching along with the good vibes and blooming flowers. Soon the beaches will be packed, and the mountains will be filled with excited hikers looking for the best views, I’ll be right there with them. Until I feel your frosty winds again, I’ll be enjoying that warm weather everyone’s been yearning for so long. But hurry back please. Until next time…

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