Baseball is back in full swing

By Seán McGlone & Casey DiBari – Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

While it may not feel like springtime in some parts of the country, that hasn’t stopped the start of the 2018 baseball season. All of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams started their season on March 29, which is the earliest start in the history of the league. The season seems to be going quite nicely for the teams, sans some brawls that happened recently, and baseball fans are feeling thrilled. And they should. Baseball may truly be America’s favorite past time, the start of warmer weather, usually, and bringing in crowds of thousands to almost all their games. Some fans even go above and beyond seeing their favorite team at their stadiums. For some fans, the start of the baseball season means road trips to out-of-state stadiums to see other teams, their fans, and even explore the place their teams call home, learning the history of that team. 

Sometimes, learning that team’s story is like learning American history too. When a sport has been around as long as baseball has, it sees a lot of changes throughout the years, some which it can cause, and some are the changing times impacting the sport, causing it to make leaps and bounds from what it was originally. Baseball’s ever changing ways can represent the country changing as well, such as when it comes to things like integration or new regulations, or even players bringing to light life-changing diseases. 

While we might not see anything major like that this year, if this season has shown us anything, it looks like any die hard baseball fan will have a fun season to watch. Especially when it comes to the famous, long lasting Red Sox-Yankees feud.  

Baseball also has been with us for more than two centuries. With baseball we’ve seen curses, women substitute for men away at war, and the way cities bounce back after tragedies like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombings. 

Even if people aren’t watching baseball for the game itself, it’s the allure of being in a place like Fenway Park that keeps people coming back for more. Whether it’s the sight of The Green Monster, the way people belt out “Sweet Caroline,” or just the comradery of being surrounded by 37,000 plus new friends at America’s oldest baseball park, it’s something that can’t be beat. 

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