Five reasons to travel in your twenties

By Dana Sutcliffe –1851 Staff

Illustration by Thomas Baker

Life is too short. It’s okay to be selfish and for some, this means taking time to travel when you’re young. It’s true there are many things to look forward to later on, like a successful career and family, but it’s important to grab life by the horns and have fun while you can. Along with having new experiences and opportunities, you’ll be introduced to new faces, cultures, food and events that you would have never been able to experience by staying home on your couch. So, realize that staying in one place is overrated and for what you don’t yet understand, your experiences and true inner happiness will thank you for later. Here are five reasons to travel while you’re young:1) Your twenties are your selfish years: I’m sure you’ve heard it before. The grandiose idea that you should take this decade and devote it completely to yourself. While some may find it difficult to put things like a career or relationship on the back burner, if you have the means to invest in yourself even for just a short period of time, do it. Save your money, book a ticket, and see where it’ll take you. Traveling is one of the few things in life that will give back to you. 

2) Find your sense of independence: Solo traveling can bring out a severe sense of discomfort for some, but it also helps you become confident. Packing, catching a flight on time, and making sure other logistics run smoothly is solely up to you. It may be intimidating at first, but it’ll be that much more rewarding. You get a sense of accomplishment when you make it to your destination all on your own.

3) Let the world show you what’s really important: Have you ever seen a parade of elephants drink from a watering hole or had the opportunity to teach children in a developing country how to read and write? Experiencing different cultures and getting outside of your comfort zone will help you to grow and opens your eyes to what else is out there in the world.

4) Expanding your palate: Being exposed to a variety of new foods specific to each culture will help you become adventurous with what’s on your plate – something you may never have thought of before traveling. You’ll be eating fewer grilled cheeses for lunch and opting for something a little more interesting and exotic.

5) Become healthier: Traveling is about mind, body, and soul. Leaving behind a country you’re familiar with is intimidating, but can also be refreshing in its own way. Taking space from work and other stressful aspects of your life will leave you feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you can finally focus on just one thing–yourself. Without the distractions and chaos of daily life, you’ll be able to choose how you conduct your day. So be selfish because you can. Go for that hike, learn how to meditate or soak up the sun if that’s what brings you happiness. Traveling means choosing yourself and once you start, you’ll realize the good life you’ve been missing out on.

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