Students recognized for leadership on campus

By Paris Adams – 1851 Staff

Banquet 3.jpg

Winners of the Lasell Bowls (L-R) Emma Cipriani, Seán McGlone, Megan Croce, James Rossano, Shelby Jendrewski, and Azhar Aluzaib. Photo by Katie Schneider

The annual Lasell College Awards Banquet was held on Thursday, April 12 in de Witt Hall to recognize and celebrate the various students and organizations who demonstrate leadership and commitment to Lasell. The event was hosted by the Office of Student Activities. Both the winners of the Student Leader of the Year and Student Organization of the Year awards were announced, as well as the Student Government Association’s Thomas E.J. de Witt Spirit Award and the Lamp Yearbook Dedication. Senior Armando Machado was awarded Student Leader of the Year for his efforts as President of the Leaf Club and a fundraising campaign for hurricanes Harvey and Irma relief. The Lamp Yearbook Dedication was awarded to Vice President of Academic Affairs Diane Austin, while the de Witt Spirit award went to senior Mallorie Smith, the first student to receive the award.

The student-driven awards are decided through a nomination process, which begins at the beginning of the spring semester. Other awards, such as the Lasell College Chair, given to senior SGA Vice President of Student Affairs Troy Gonsalves, and  the Lasell College Bowls, given to eight seniors, are decided by nominations sent in by an organization’s faculty advisor.

Banquet 2
Senior Armando Machado holding his Student Leader of the Year award and Director of the Office of Student Activities and Orientation Jennifer Granger. Photo by Katie Schneider

“One of my favorite [events] was the hurricane fundraiser, because that brought together all different types of people,” said Machado. “People that would have never even talked to each other were coming over this common goal of raising money for people in Texas and Florida.” 

Machado has been President of Leaf Club since January 2017. “When I was a junior at the very start of the year, it was non existent. The club was just like, dormant… Justin Bruce emailed me, he said, ‘Hey I know you’re really into the environment, would you consider taking over the Leaf Club?’ and I thought he just was asking me to help get it started again, not necessarily be president,” Machado said. “It was a good decision because it gave me some leadership experience. I’d say it was one of my first leadership roles at the school, and in life in general.” 

The Sport Management Association was awarded this year’s Student Organization of the Year for outstanding achievement in the realm of events, opportunities, and leadership. Junior Lane Sulzer is the current president of the organization. Sulzer has been a member since his freshman year, and has worked with the organization to establish a strong presence on campus. 

“We created an active membership certification using a point system, made a structured and organized meeting and event schedule, created an internship program through the Boys and Girls Club in Newton, and had several large scale events, including Sport Management Day and a conference with the Society for American Baseball Research,” said Sulzer in an email. 

For many, attending the awards banquet is a validation for the hard work and efforts put forth throughout the course of the school year, even if no awards were received. 

Junior Sarah Lindquist, Music Manager of the Lasell Spartones, said, “You do so much hard work over the course of the year, and just being invited to this kind of event really shows how people are noticing your hard work.” 


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