“A Quiet Place” makes noise at box office

By Danielle Hogan – Arts Editor

“A Quiet Place” was written and directed by “The Office” star John Krasinski, who also starred in the film. 

Characters played by himself and his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, raise three kids in a post-alien apocalypse. Their eldest child, played by Millicent Simmonds, is deaf. Because of this, the family is well-versed in sign language. The alien creatures don’t have eyes; they have strong hearing that can detect any loud sound. Therefore, the family moves slowly and tiptoes everywhere that isn’t white sand laid down to muffle their footsteps.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 1.33.23 PM.png
“A Quiet Place,” released Friday, April 6, had the second best domestic debut of 2018. Photo courtesy of IMDB

The writing is smart and well-developed. Krasinski brilliantly puts a twist on the alien thriller by following the theme other movies like “Get Out” or “Split,” having an overlying theme or message. Instead of exploring the state of a mentally ill patient or racism, he chose to highlight strong parenting. One of the prominent components follows the classic family structure; a husband protects and provides for his family and the mother is the caretaker, seen doing laundry and teaching her son, played by Noah Jupe, to divide. 

The bond between Blunt and Krasinski’s characters was immensely strong; their off-screen romance can be seen through one scene in particular. Listening to music on her iPod, Blunt walks downstairs to the basement to find her husband studying and working on a hearing aid for their daughter. The couple is affectionate, but what’s remarkable is they never showed it through a kiss. It was all actions and emotion, as Krasinski gets up from his work to dance with his wife. This scene proved such an important purpose, creating a stable and powerful connection between husband and wife that was carried throughout the film. 

The actors of the film had to be strong emotional actors, due to the fact they have very limited dialogue in the film. They have to have a strong physical presence on screen. The young actors of the production, Jupe and Simmonds, did a remarkable job with this. Being able to portray such a stable, close, and loving family through little dialogue and pure emotion is definitely not something easy to do, but “A Quiet Place” definitely succeeded. 

Overall, the message of having a strong family unit to get through dark times is prominent in this film. Between the emotional connection the audience felt to the characters due to the strong acting and the added suspense and thrill of being eerily silent to survive, this movie is a must-see.

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