“America” the powerful

By Colin Froment & Ruth Kehinde –  News Editor & 1851 Staff

Thirty Seconds to Mars’s fifth album “America” springs out multiple messages of activism and religious imagery throughout its verses. However, the album succeeds where others don’t; the band doesn’t allow their cries of hope to overshadow the strong quality of their music. 

Thirty Seconds to Mars’s fifth album “America” features other popular artists such as A$AP Rocky and Halsey. Photo courtesy of Has it Leaked

Listeners are immediately treated to booming sounds as soon as the album opens with “Walk on Water.” The instruments used are always playing upbeat tunes, regardless of the overall theme of each song. The softer songs such as “Dangerous Night” and “Remedy” still provide energetic riffs that stay true to the band’s hard rock roots. Standout track “Monolith” is a short, but intense instrumental that almost feels like a tribute to music that would accompany scenes in a thrilling blockbuster film. Features with A$AP Rocky and Halsey provide variety to the album, but their inclusions make the songs feel like an attempt to travel back into the mainstream spotlight. Despite this, the rest of the album still follows Thirty Seconds to Mars’ classic formula with a mixture of vitality, anger, desire, and hope. 

“America” is presented as the band’s public service announcement detailing a dark depiction of the United States. “Walk on Water” uses melodies to compare Jesus Christ walking on water and rescuing individuals to citizens needing to go above and beyond to be a savior to the nation they live in. The track “Rescue Me” is a wake up call that change isn’t just associated with our environment, but rather a manner within ourselves. The lyrics provide thought-provoking messages without sacrificing what truly makes Thirty Seconds to Mars the successful band they are. 

Thirty Seconds To Mars manages to deliver head-banging songs while using their credibility to inspire fans to retain their morals with songs that never disappoint. “America” will take listeners less than thirty seconds to be immersed in the band’s latest release.

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