News Briefs

By Leanne Signoriello, Alex Balletto, and Seán McGlone – Features Editor, Copy Editor, and Editor-in-Chief

Student Government Association announces new leaders

On Friday, April 6, Student Government Association (SGA) held elections for positions on the board for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Students had the opportunity to vote for candidates online throughout the day. 

The following day the board positions were announced as follows:

SGA President: James Kappatos (‘20)

Vice President of Student Affairs: Mary Fran Hansen (‘19)

Vice President of Financial Affairs: Olivia Tata (‘21)

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Corey Zemke (‘20)

Class of 2019 President: Henry Santana

Class of 2020 President: Kate Kennedy

Class of 2021 President: Amanda Hawkes


Finance capstone class tackles the stock market

Assistant Professor of Accountancy Robert Zuar handed an important task to his finance capstone class this semester.  Four groups were charged with investing portions of his personal retirement account into the stock market.  

First, a Bank of America equity manager talked to the students and gave them ideas of what sectors to consider.  

The professor’s idea was to pay gains, if profitable, to the college or to reflect the losses on his personal tax return. Zuar chose the stock market because it is accessable to students.  On top of that, he notes it is a barometer of the world’s economic outlook, as it anticipates what will come.  Of course, it is finance.  

With the tax cuts, students had just known the strong market under the president. However, the market corrected mid-semester.  Even with his money in the market, and being managed by students, Professor Zuar said, “The correction has been the best thing that happened.”  

Students were given enough money to learn something; and, the opportunity for students to work with such a volatile stock market with real money is a connected learning experience worth noting. “Students are not too young to think about retirement,” said Zuar.


Class of 2018 volunteers with Cradles to Crayons

On March 8, the Class of 2018 Committee led a trip to Cradles to Crayons in Brighton as a community service opportunity. Cradles to Crayons is a Boston-based organization focused on providing low-income families with toys and clothing for children. 

The group was led by Senior Class President Shelby Jendrewski to give all members of the class of 2018 a unique volunteering experience. The group spent a few hours sifting through piles of donated clothes and overall helped around 104 children in need, according to Jendrewski.

“It’s tough, at the end of the day you don’t see the children that you’re kind of helping, you just know that you’re doing something good,” she said.

Jendrewski says the committee decided to visit Cradles to Crayons in September as a way for the class to come full circle after volunteering there during their freshmen year. 

Going forward, Jendrewski recommends other classes find a volunteer organization in need of help and make the trip exciting and interesting. 

“While it is service, trying to make it fun and engaging to kind of get your class to participate,” said Jendrewski. “The thing is too no one is saying you need to do the same thing every year, it’s important to what makes your class unique to kind of find something to make your class distinctive from the rest.”

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