Women’s lacrosse is playing in the moment

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

The women’s lacrosse team honored senior captains Taylor Yandow and Taylor Falco on April 7 at Grellier Field, where the team beat Simmons College 21-6. The pregame ceremony acknowledged the accomplishments both senior Lasers have contributed to the team. Being a potential last home game for Yandow and Falco, it was apparent they were fired up and ready to compete. 

The women’s lacrosse team honored senior captains Taylor Yandow and Taylor Falco before their game against Simmons College on April 7. Lasell won the game 21-6. Photo courtesy of Kelli Wagner

Lasell set the pace of the game the minute the ball left Yandow’s pocket in the draw control and into freshman Kellie Matthews stick. Yandow scored two goals within the first minute and 13 seconds, while Falco worked on defense, letting Simmons only score three goals in the first half. Head Coach Caitlin Connolly says that the senior captains have been doing a great job leading by example on and off the field, however, “The whole leadership isn’t on their shoulders, it’s on everybody to want to work hard in practice and during games,” said Connolly.

The game of women’s lacrosse has changed since last year, enforcing a 90 second shot clock once the ball is in play from the draw, cleared from the goalie’s stick, or if there’s a turnover of possession. “The new rules took some time to adjust to, but now they are like second nature to us. The game is much quicker and more intense in my eyes—it makes for more plays and more action,” said Falco. 

Yandow collected a personal best eight goals during the April 7 game, while other Lasers dominated offensively. Matthews scored six goals and picked up six draw controls. Juniors Vanessa Pino and Jordan McComb had three goals apiece. On the defensive end, sophomore goalie Morgan Choquet saved three of the nine shots Sharks took throughout the game. 

The Lasers have a record of 9-3 overall and are ranked third in the GNAC conference with a 5-2 record. Junior co-captain McComb believes this season has overall been going well. “Through every game we have taken away valuable lessons on how to move forward as a team,” said McComb. “As the season has progressed, we have become more and more of a force to be reckoned with on the field.” The team has three more conference games before playoffs start on April 28. 

Connolly is preparing the team one step at a time. “We don’t want to look too far ahead, we want to look at the ‘now’ and enjoy the moment,” Connolly said. “I mean, we want to win, but if we’re enjoying the moment, those other things will come.”

The Lasers are in a good position to compete for a GNAC title this season. Their next conference matchup is against Norwich University Cadets on April 19. 

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