Arnow’s first floor facelift

Mackenzie Dineen & Casey DiBari – Features Editor & 1851 Staff

Arnow1The first floor of Arnow Campus Center has gone through a quick remodel, and is expected to open the first week of October. Photo by Mackenzie Dineen.

Students were surprised this summer when they stopped by Arnow Campus Center and found it closed for construction. After about two years of planning, new renovations are currently underway, and students have con- cerns regarding what will be inside and when it will open.


Commodore Builders supervisor Al Tocci said, “Progress on the Arnow Campus Center is going very well. Today we had a crane on site and we hoisted new equipment to the roof. Weare looking to be completed by [the rst week of October.] The nishes are being installed aswe speak. It’s been a pleasure working in that building.” Commodore Builders is the same construction company that built the Science & Technology Center.

Vice President for Administration and Finance Michael Hoyle said that the new food option will be named The1851, and it will be open for breakfast and remain open until mid- night. It will be staffed by Chartwells.

Last year, SGA sent out a survey to thestudents asking what they would like to see ll

the empty space. In response to the survey, SGA created a proposal for a new food option with more seating space. The organization also requested a commuter space and a venue resembling a 24/7 convenience store.

“As the student body representatives, we spoke to the administration and we gave that proposal to them because they do have more power in the sense of decision making with the board of trustees,” said junior and SGA President Jimmy Kappatos.

Starting in mid-July, Einstein Bros. Bagels was completely gutted and the venue’s prep area was expanded, providing more room to accommodate an expansive menu.

The1851 will accept dining dollars, cash or card and will offer meal swipe options. It will also take over as the new late-night food service. Boomers, located in Valentine Dining Hall, will no longer be open.

Where the stage once stood will now be a small venue entitled Market 1851, open 24 hours, according to Hoyle. It will serve coffee, drinks and snacks and sell toiletries. An additional printing station is also included.

In place of the old Donahue Bookstore is a large lounge area. This room will have soft seating accompanied with tables, bar seating and a spacious stage that is optimal for student entertainment. The walls that once surrounded the bookstore have been demolished, providing a more open environment to feel comfortable in.

The builders were able to source the woodfrom the original oor, install it throughout the new space and re nish what existed.

The space is decorated with white andyellow modern light xtures and textured walls.The space was kept expansive in an effort to foster a casual space for student interaction.

“We expect it to be a great space for stu- dents to hang out in,” said Vice President Hoyle. “SGA should be given a lot of credit for helping guide us to what this is now.”

“We hope that it can bene t the largerLasell community, not only for students, but for faculty, staff and hopefully even Lasell villagers,” said Kappatos. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”


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