Editor’s Corner #JoinTheStory

Dana Sutcliffe – Digital Editor 

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Nestled in a village called Auburndale lay the sleeping heads of 10 student journalists, blissfully dreaming in their dorms. Some dreamed of long beach days from summers’ past while some toss and turn, suffering from nightmares about deadlines. As the sun rises each morning, they hop out of bed and anticipate the day ahead – each one has a story to tell.

Will it be the rare but delicious sighting of crab rangoons in Valentine? Or maybe the buzz about Bingo on a Saturday night. Whatever the story, there are always students eager to report. You see, that’s the beauty of a small campus. The news never ends, and a community such as Lasell leaves a mark on almost everyone. While we could leave the reporting up to faculty or even our school’s president, the most honest form of news will always come from the students. Who are the people experiencing changes first-hand at this institution? The same people who have the ability to make change happen.

Some will feel better sitting on the sidelines – not all are born to be leaders. On the other side, it is the people who stand up for what they believe in that inevitably persevere. The ones who see something worth investigating, or sharing an opinion on, use their voices to impact the community. The students who don’t push down the instinct to tell an important story and don’t turn the other way when an issue arises. We need you in this world, on campus and in our lives. Without you, no one knows the whole truth. The nitty gritty, bare to the bone, transparent story as told by someone living it.

Choose to get up off the sidelines and take center field. Speak on what you feel passionate about, or what you feel could change for the betterment of an entire community. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but then again so does a story.

So join us or better yet, Join The Story.

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