Lasers hungry for new shuttle drop-off

Marissa Gugala – News Editor

Students have been complaining about Star Market’s high prices and subpar food quality for a while. With the shuttle only going to Star Market on weekends, it would be more beneficial to take students to Market Basket in Waltham instead.

The schedule change forcing the shuttle to go only to Star Market makes it more frustrating for students to get groceries. Those with limited options in the dining hall due to severe food allergies suffer greatly from this dilemma. If the shuttle can take students to the Natick and Chestnut Hill Malls (each about a 15 minute drive) it can do the 11-minute drive to Market Basket.

The ability to go Market Basket would even reduce grocery costs for students and it give students a wider selection of products. Market Basket’s produce and deli meats are also known to be of better quality and last longer in mini-fridges.

Market Basket is located in a different direction than most other shuttle stops, which may be inconvenient to drive to. However, the location of Market Basket, Natick Mall and the Chestnut Hill Mall in relation to each other makes a complete triangle. The shuttle could easily go to anyone of these locations, making its way back to other stops if needed upon return to campus.

Market Basket is only one of the places students would like to see added to the shuttle’s schedule. The shuttle’s primary concern is where students need to go, so it wouldn’t hurt to add just a few more minutes in each day for some extra trips.



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