New transfer students call Lasell home

Dana Sutcliffe & Brian Cohen – Digital Editor & 1851 Staff 

Lasell’s incoming transfer numbers are a bit higher than usual this semester. This has to do in part with the closing of fellow Newton institution, Mt. Ida College. The college’s close proximity to Lasell, and the opening of a few new Lasell programs encouraged some students from Mt. Ida to transfer schools.


According to Jill Reitzell, a former undergraduate admission counselor at Lasell, there are more than 100 new transfer students coming in each year. Reitzell worked closely with students who made the transition from another institution, and says there is no spe- cific profile for a transfer student at Lasell. “I would say it’s a true mix. We have some students coming from community colleges, and others who had gone to another four-year college and were transferring for a variety of reasons,” Reitzell said.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that an abundance of new students flock to Lasell for the unique programs that are unavailable at other institutions in the area. Sophomore fashion merchandising major Victoria Capone is one of the many who chose to enroll at Lasell after the closing of Mt. Ida.

“The hardest part of transferring for me has been trying to fit in with my classes and clubs,” says Capone, a member of the Honors program and She’s the First. “Overall I have been able to adjust fairly well.”

Capone is excited for the oppor- tunities that Lasell has to offer. “I’m looking forward to getting to know this school and its traditions, as well as working my way up in the clubs I’m involved with,” said Capone.

Although a large number of trans- fers this semester came from Mt. Ida, some hail from various other schools in the New England area.

Sophomore transfer Matt Stracuzzi left Worcester State University and is adapting to the Lasell community just fine. He elaborated on the differences that made the transition a smooth one. “I think it’s the perfect fit and a lot smaller than my previous school. It’s easier to find places around campus and help is always accessible if I need it,” he said.

Stracuzzi is looking forward to obtaining a degree in sport manage- ment and using his knowledge gained in the classroom to help him in his future occupation. dark issues the play ends with a great message and the audi- ence will leave happy,” said Parrot.

Junior history and finance major, Re- gal Sealy transfered from Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. Sealy was drawn to the school after meeting the men’s la- crosse coach, Bill Mason and the team. “They’re great people, so it was a really easy decision from there,” said Sealy.

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