The parking privilege

Colin Froment – Co-Editor-In-Chief 

Finally, our prayers have been answered. Thank you, Campus Police, for allowing stu- dents to park their cars on campus once again.

Since 2016, resident students have been forced to leave their cars at off-campus loca- tions and walk back to campus or patiently wait for the shuttle, often in harsh weather conditions. Until now, students have been debating whether or not we would regain the privilege of open parking at various areas around the school for the entire year.

I praise the decision to bring back full- time resident parking. The majority of stu- dents were often too involved in athletics, extracurricular activities, jobs or homework to get to their cars before 5 p.m. exactly, and would end up receiving expensive parking tickets. Open resident parking eliminates the anxiety of being ticketed by police when cars can be left untouched all weekend.

Those who are fortunate enough to park outside their dorms also get the benefit of easy access to their vehicle. Whether a family emergency or the need to pack the car for a weekend arises, there is a lot more time saved being able to get to a car as quickly as possible.

That being said, open parking does not solve all of our problems. Some lots, such as Forest, have such limited spaces. At many times, those who have those assigned spots cannot find parking on their own. I have friends who have had to park on the other side of campus because their lot was filled up. These problems can be solved, however, by contacting Campus Police, who are more than willing to give you a temporary lot to park while they fix the situation.

It is also interesting to note that we almost lost this privilege over the summer. Students received an email from Campus Police explaining there were glitches in the system and they would have to resubmit their top parking choices. That would have been a shame if some students were not allowed parking because of a glitch. Thankfully, this issue was resolved before the year commenced.

Parking on campus again is a huge advancement for many students and is a great improvement to the overall student life on campus. Although there are still improvements to be made, we are fortunate to be trusted with such an honor.



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