Clancy reflects on winning NESN’s “Next Producer”

Megan Palumbo & Chris Bretti – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

Communications major Allie Clancy won NESN’s “Next Producer”, a $20,000 check and an internship at NESN last summer. Photo courtesy of Allie Clancy

On May 18, junior Allie Clancy learned that she won the New England Sports Net- work (NESN) Next Producer competition. Her title was accompanied by a grand prize of $20,000 and a summer internship at NESN. NESN’s “Next Producer” is a series that showcases short sport films submitted by college students from the New England area.

“Going through it was definitely an emotional roller coaster for me, because I wanted it more than anything,” said Clancy when talking about her experience.

Clancy’s film told the story of former Peabody football star, Doug Santos, who was en route to play Division I football until almost every school dropped their offers upon discovering Santos didn’t have U.S. citizenship.


In Clancy’s film, viewers watch Santos overcome struggles on and off the field, and the moment when his high school football coach, Mark Bettencourt, and his wife, Lauren, welcomed him into their home as a new addition to the family. The Bettencourt’s gave Santos a better life, helping him with his academics and establishing citizenship, which lead him to earn a football scholarship at Assumption College.

Clancy explained how thankful she was for the opportunity to work at NESN for the summer, a major perk of winning the competition. “I was surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the New England area, video-wise,” she said.

Her work days mostly involved shadowing NESN’s Senior Producer Justine Pouravelis. “Shadowing [Justine] was an exclusive opportunity, because it didn’t really exist before the show. I think it’s very unique that I got to watch one producer for the whole summer,” said Clancy. “She is a very powerful woman and she’s an amazing person to learn from.”

Other duties Clancy performed involved research, video editing and working on productions, making sure all the equipment was there and logging events for editors. A big project she was able to work on was for the NESN show “On Course With Andy Brickley.” She wrote questions that Brickley would ask celebrity guests on the show. “It was really cool to watch something that I wrote actually be on TV,” she said.

An eye opening experience would be an understatement for Clancy, as her internship at NESN proved to be a rewarding dive into her career. “I think being at NESN grew my confidence more than anything,” Clancy said. “It’s really developed me as a professional, and it has developed my character a lot.”

In addition to her experience at NESN, Clancy exudes that much of what she’s learned has been through Lasell. She expressed her gratitude to the professors and staff who motivated her to work hard and pursue what she loves. She takes pride in representing Lasell, showing that a small school can still make an impact.

Associate Professor and Program Director of Communication Meryl Perlson originally introduced Clancy to the competition. “I had a chance to take a look at her rough cut and I gave her some feedback, but she was well on her way,” said Perlson. “[Allie] knew exactly what she was doing.”

Professor Perlson is always looking for places where students can submit their work. “There’s enough media outlets, and we’re a big enough major that there’s a dynamic community,”said Perlson. She was excited to hear Clancy was entering in the competition because, “it’s a wonderful opportunity to get their work seen, and because… Lasell students have what it takes to win these types of competitions.”


Clancy looks to her future with great ambition. Taking what she’s learned at Lasell and NESN, she seeks a path with more creative freedom. With a passion for television and a love for storytelling, she aims to one day work for the National Broadcast Company (NBC).

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning from anyone or anything,” said Clancy.

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