Intercultural Center & Commuter Cottage: A home away from home

Rosa del Carmen Gomez – 1851 Staff

Commuter students do homework at the IC3 during their mid-day breaks on campus. Photo by Megan Palumbo

The commuter lounge has been re-imagined as the Intercultural Center & Commuter Cottage (IC3) and transferred from Brennan Library to the Dean’s Cottage, located at 70 Maple Street.

The cottage was given a makeover to meet the needs of both international and commuter students. The IC3 hosted an open house Sept. 12 where students participating in games, music and received t-shirts. Students had the chance to indulge in dishes from Lebanese, Mexican and Chinese cultures.

Students have a diverse opinion of the new IC3. Nikki Glendye, a senior and resident said, “I think it’s a really big improvement from where I first started to attend Lasell. It’s really nice they’ve dedicated a whole space for multiculturalism and diver- sity and inclusion. I’m glad that Jesse [Tauriac] has a bigger space now for planning different events and activities. I just hope they keep expanding and use this momentum to potentially gain more employees/staff to help work on these issues.”

Skylar Diamond, a junior and resident said, “I think it’s a great way for Lasell to finally start reaching out to students that aren’t a part of the majority and gives them a place to be who they truly are.” Senior Katherine Coutler said, “The IC3 is a huge improvement from what the commuter previously was. It is much more inviting and a great place to hang out, get some work done and eat a meal in between a full day of classes.”

In an email interview, Director of the Donahue Institute for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion Jesse Tauriac said he hopes that the IC3, “will become a home away from home for our commuting students. The Commuter Lounge, on the ground floor of the IC3, includes space to study, relax, and enjoy casual conversation, as well as other amenities for commuters, e.g., a kitchenette, lockers, and computers. IC3 promotes cross-cultural understanding and inclusivity through respectful social engagement and experiencing different cultures, traditions, and viewpoints in a diverse and welcoming environment.”

Britteny Bullard, a commuter and senior was involved in the planning for the IC3 this summer. “What makes me excited is how excited other students, faculty, and the administrations are,” said Bullard. “I think it’s a really good thing we have a welcome center of multicultural groups. It highlights you have a home, you belong here too.”

The IC3 is a brand new place for all students to come and feel part of the Lasell community. These groups are no longer restricted to a small commuter lounge in Brennan Library. Students can now have a larger area they can call their home away from home.

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