Renovations happening all around campus

Ruth Kehinde – 1851 Staff


Vice President of Administration and Finance Michael Hoyle sent a faculty email this past summer highlighting the new and updated areas on campus. Renovated locations include Valentine Dining Hall, Brennan Library, Campus Police, Intercultural Center and Commuter Cottage (IC3), Bancroft Hall, 26 Maple Street, 152 Grove Street, Karandon House and Arnow Campus Center.

Valentine Dining Hall has provided additional choices for its meals. A new deli/sandwich station has been made next to Boomers, providing more buns and toppings. This has allowed Valentine’s salad bar to expand in size, with extra greens and dressings.

Brennan Library has also expanded its workplace, moving from two floors to three. The audio/visual, non-fiction, fiction, videos, and graphic novels have moved from the main floor to the second floor. Along with transferring books, new chairs have been added on all floors of the library. The high stacks moved to the second floor, which provides an open view among the main floor. Hoyle’s email stated the improvements “are in concert with [Lasell’s] strategic plan, Vision 2022, and all share the common theme of improving the student experience.”


The children’s library has moved to the ground floor, and will be updated soon. The Innovation Lab received additional computer screens. The Advising and Honors Center, moved from Bancroft House to Brennan main floor, across from the Academic Achievement Center. Bancroft is now occupied with the Graduate and Professional Studies staff, giving graduate students a larger space to seek aid. Campus Police has added a dispatch center inside its office. This enables 24-hour staff presence to consistently be on call for the Lasell community.


The IC3 is housed in the former Academic Affairs building and is now a space for commuters and international students to enjoy some free time. This change is thanks to the efforts of Dr. Jesse Tauriac, Director of the Donahue Institute for Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion. The cottage also includes a new office for Thomas Morgan, the Coordinator of Off-Campus Living and Commuter Student Service.


Plant Operations was once located in 26 Maple Street, where business faculty are now stationed. Plant Operations moved to 152 Grove Street, along with Conference Services and Housekeeping.

Residence hall Karandon House was re-opened for the fall semester. Residents enjoy the installation of a new kitchen, heating system, bathrooms and furniture.

In October, renovations will be finished within the Arnow Campus Center. Einstein Bros. Bagels is being replaced with a new food option.

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