Pinky Promises, and Good Friends Last a Long Time

By Erin Correia

During the first few weeks of classes, my mom passed away.

My life was a disaster. I was happy and had adjusted to Lasell. The death of my mom was unfortunately bad timing – I felt like my life had fallen apart. Leaving school for two weeks gave me loads of work and left me out of adventures with friends. The only upside was that I didn’t have to eat the food in the dining hall. During this time, faculty, friends and other students reached out to me. It left an outstanding impression on me regarding the community at Lasell. I felt both welcomed and safe here.

My friends, whom I had met only a few weeks prior, drove to my hometown to attend my mother’s wake. This touched my heart. My friends and I promised that we would be friends forever. Attending a school with such a small community makes the relationships you have tighter. Professors remember my name and my peers stop and say hello when we see each other outside of the classroom.

I cannot begin to extend my thanks to everyone from the Lasell community who reached out and supported me during such a tragic time. Both friends and faculty made me look forward to coming back to school and I know that my professors will help me catch up. More importantly, I know my friends and I will be together throughout the remaining years here at Lasell.

During this time, I realized I have no doubt that Lasell College was the best choice academically, socially, and emotionally for me.



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