I Miss Home, Milkshakes and Marylou’s

Alexandra Duquette

After my first official month at Lasell, I have gotten used to waking up to sirens every morning, walking past gorgeous Victorian homes on my way to class and putting on a raincoat every Tuesday.

I’ll admit, since September I have gone home almost every other weekend but have still experienced an average case of homesickness. As each week passes though, I find myself adjusting more and more to my new life. I have definitely developed more organizational skills and tried some new things. For example, I had my first Uber Eats experience last weekend and I found it cool considering my small hometown doesn’t have many Ubers around.

Throughout my time here I have also been grateful to find a solid group of friends. We spend so much time together and it’s making my college experience easier to adjust to. The four of us are all different, which makes for a fun time together.

With adjustment though, brings me longing for certain things back home. I find myself craving my mother’s home-cooked meals – she makes the best chicken cutlets. I miss my father’s chocolate milkshake that took him years of trial and error to find the best “formula” of ice cream and chocolate sauce. Lastly, I miss my five-minute drive to Marylou’s. Their coffee and Redbull drinks will always be my holy grail.

In conclusion, I have developed a greater appreciation for the little things. They make each trip home a little more special to me. Extra time with my friends and boyfriend will always be what I miss most. My time here has already been a learning experience and I have seen so much personal growth.


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  1. Hi Sweetie ❤️
    Very well said. And I was giggling to myself thinking that if I can Uber , you certainly can 😂😂. Love you honey, enjoy every moment of if being a college student. It will fly by 😘

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