From “No” to “Whoa”

By Yadira Medina

When I first arrived at Lasell I was nervous because it isn’t a racially diverse school, so I felt out of my element. For this reason, I decided to room with girls from my high school – along with the hope that it’d lessen my sense of homesickness. But I came to Lasell to study so making friends had to take a backburner…or so I thought. I soon realized that wasn’t going to work here.

Lasell is intent on making this small school feel like a family and that everyone is comfortable. I especially feel that within the organizations here and especially at the “Meet Your Major” event that happened early on this semester.

Surprisingly enough I get along well with my professors and more importantly, with my classmates. Because making friends was something I’ve struggled with in the past, I felt relieved that I had no problem doing so here.

With that being said, I still don’t feel completely immersed in the school.

The people here have somehow already joined cliques, which was never apparent to me in my high school – everyone mingled with each other. The food here is also bland compared to the food at home where spices are mixed with everything and I miss that every day.

I’m also homesick sometimes which is strange because I was so excited to finally move out and be independent. Now that I have, I just want to crawl under the covers and only come out of my cave when it’s time to eat.

While I have experienced some problems adjusting in the first month (such as going home too often), life at Lasell has been fun for the most part.

Before coming to college I was still worried about whether or not this school was right for me, up until move in day. Today I feel confident when I say that I made the right decision by choosing to come to Lasell.


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