My New Start

By Emma Murray

The day was August 19th. Nerves filled my body as I drove onto campus. I was here two weeks early for cross country pre-season. The campus was very quiet and peaceful. I truthfully was not ready for a change. I did not want to go to college, I wanted to be back home with all my friends. Of course, the first night was rough and I was homesick. The bed was stiff and I missed my parents, but as time passed I slowly started getting used to the feeling of being away from home.

As pre-season went on I became more comfortable with the campus and started to love the area. I met my two lifelong best friends, became close to my team and became very familiar with the area. Trips to Boston on the T definitely helped me adapt to the environment surrounding me.

When move in day came along, the cross country team had to help the new freshmen move in. At first I wasn’t a fan of this being a freshman myself, but I ended up meeting a lot of new people from the experience. As classes started, everyone began to get more comfortable with college life.

Today I’m on my seventh week here and can confidently say I love Lasell.

When times were rough and all I wanted to do was resort back home, I kept a positive mindset and positive things came from it. Lasell offers many opportunities for my major and I recommend getting involved so you can connect to other people and create strong bonds. Truthfully, Lasell was not my top choice but through a long journey of applying to schools and making decisions I ended up here. I can now say it was the right decision.

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