A Peek into a First Year’s Mind

By Yazmeen Gedeon

Coming into Lasell, I picked up all these good vibes from the school and students. I thought everyone was super nice and helpful. I realized I was able to find all my classes very easily. It wasn’t a case of me getting lost and walking into the wrong class – it was all a very smooth transition.

I think it was a smart idea for Lasell to hold so many activities during the first week of classes. It made it easier to make friends and keep everyone calm and having fun. The alternative would’ve been a bunch of first year students freaking out because they had never left home before.

Along with that, I think Lasell is a very inclusive school. Every time I go into the dining hall I see new posters for activities. I feel that it’s a smart move on the campus activities board part because it gets the students active, working with one another and having fun. This help people make connections early on rather than later in the school year when we’ll be leaving for summer.

Looking at Lasell from an academic standpoint is very different. The first couple of days started and it was a lot of requirements to go over and understanding different professor’s grading systems. Once I made it through the first class, we were going full speed. It’s not that the information I am learning in my classes is difficult, it’s just a lot to retain in a short class period.

In conclusion, I feel like I had a great first impression of Lasell College.

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