I Was Welcomed by Smiles

By Holly Feola

Within my first month at Lasell I’ve felt welcomed, despite being in a place where I’m still trying to find my way around. I am still trying to familiarize myself with the idea that I’m currently attending college.

Part of me is still shocked when thoughts like, “Wow, where did high school go?” and, “Yeah, my friends from home” float around in my head.

To me they sound like such adult things to say but have now weaved their way into my new normal as I adapt to college life.

In the first few weeks of adjusting, I tried pretty much everything to acclimate myself. From blocking off time for homework to keeping everything in my dorm organized, I made changes. I would also spend time with people I met at orientation. But, there were times I would scroll through social media and see posts from kids in my hometown and I miss the sense of familiarity.

I went to a small high school where I would never see a face I didn’t recognize and now there are quite a few I don’t know. However, this ended up not bothering me at all. As I walk around campus, whether from the STC or to Arnow, the people I make eye contact with smile at me. This might not sound like much but to me, it’s comforting and makes me feel like I’m familiar on campus and not out of place.

As the days pass, I feel more at ease and now make sure I smile at others when walking around campus because I know it makes all the difference when someone is trying to feel welcome.



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