I’m Still Scared, but That’s Okay

By Alex Ragatz

Ever since I started getting grades and began to struggle in school, I’ve been terrified of going to college. The only thing I’d hear from my teachers or from students in college was how difficult and stressful it is.

I haven’t gotten a full night of sleep in a month and microwave popcorn is now considered a full meal for me, but I’m still satisfied with my life as I’m doing much better than I expected to. I’m always finding ways in which I’m changing for the better.

I’ve realized how much more independent I’ve become when I recently went alone to my first 18+ concert and was easily the youngest person there by at least 10 years. I’ve gotten better at leaving my comfort zone both socially and academically and most importantly, I no longer look at being sad or scared as a bad thing. I’m now able to use those emotions to my advantage to better understand myself and how I solve problems. I’m slowly becoming a happier person because of it.

To my fellow freshman who may not feel like they’re as good or as smart as others: your imperfections make you perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you differently and don’t let anyone make you think it means you’re less than the person standing next to you. What’s ugly to you is beautiful to another.

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Scared, but That’s Okay

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  1. This series has been incredibly inspirational and has really resonated with me! College is no easy feat, but staying true to oneself is the only and best advice I can give. I see this collection of first-year impressions becoming incredibly valuable to the writers when they are in their last years, and have witnessed their own growth. Alex, you are so much wiser than I was at the beginning. I (obviously) don’t know you, but see very bright things ahead for you! Keep writing, too!

    1. Rose, You would love Alex if you knew him…..smart, passionate and on his way to bring a true Laser. Proud to call him my student.

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