Best of Both Worlds at Lasell College

By Zach Houle

My first impression of Lasell College was that it’s a small school located in the wealthy suburbs of Boston. Early in my college search, my goal was to go to school in the city. As I ventured further through the application process, I realized being in the city all the time and having an influx of work to do would give me headaches. There’s always a ton of people walking around, and you must have your head on a swivel.

At Lasell, it’s totally different. Auburndale is one of the safest towns in the state of Massachusetts. I like being able to go into the city as well as being able to get away from it all and retreat to a quiet place when I need to.

This option lowers my stress and helps me stand back and catch my breath. There’s nothing worse than being overwhelmed in a big city.

I also knew Lasell was a top school when it came to internships. This factor helped me to decide what was best for me and where I could make the most out of my opportunities. Not to mention, Lasell is a tight-knit community and you are treated as a person instead of just a number. My professors all know my name and care about how I do in the class.

You won’t get lost in a classroom because there probably won’t be more than 20 students in it. The professors seem very personal in guiding students and not treating them like children. They want to help you and if you put forth effort, you’ll be on your way.

In a snapshot, Lasell College is a school that has the best of both worlds. You get the big city close and a welcoming community closer.

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