Chartwells limits its conveniences

Dana Sutcliffe – Digital Editor

It was 9:17 a.m. on a Monday. My sleepy eyes were still adjusting to daylight as I hustled through Valentine Dining Hall in search of something to eat. I checked my phone for the time and realized I would soon be late to my 9:30 a.m. class.

I immediately thought of having a bagel. It was quick and easy and could be wrapped in a napkin for on-the-go. I put a cinnamon raisin bagel in the toaster and cranked the speed all the way to 10. As I was buttering each side and getting ready to place it safely in a napkin, a manager from Chartwells walked by.

“I’m going to turn a blind eye and pretend I didn’t see you doing that,” he called out to me. “I don’t understand…” I said, extremely confused. Taking a bagel and running to class was something I was unfortunately accustomed to doing since therst week of freshman year.

The manager pointed to a nearby sign that clearly stated nothing was to be taken out of the dining hall except for: cookies, ice cream, coffee, tea and soda. Upon asking another Chartwells employee why it isn’t allowed to bring food outside Valentine, he replied that it hurts the company as a whole. I don’t know how taking one bagel can hurt a multi-million company.

With the average student paying over $16,000 in fees for room and board (which includes a mandatory meal plan), it is only right that the money designated for eating in a buffet style atmosphere includes taking items out with you. Since the new rule was implemented at the beginning of the semester, I have been “caught” leaving the dining hall with to-go cups filled halfway with cereal and other small, various snacks that cost no more than 10 dollars at the grocery store. For some students, their busy schedules leave them with a mere 15 minutes between classes to eat something. When they arrive inside, the lines at each station are too long to wait in without being late to class.

When the only option to eat is taken away from you, what use is paying for a meal plan?

There is outrage amongst the student body at Lasell and it’s hard to stomach the thought of thousands of dollars going to waste. Eating is a basic necessity and one of the most important aspects of college is the ability to eat good food that agrees with your body and fuels you. By limiting this and telling students what they can and cannot have on their own dime, Lasell is inevitably hurting none other than themselves in the long run.

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