Starbucks: what’s the tea, sis?

Casey DiBari – 1851 Staff

Illustration by Thomas Baker

When Arnow shut down for renovations, it took Einstein’s with it. This left students with one on-campus option for coffee and tea: the Starbucks in the STC. The Starbucks was something many students were looking forward to when it first opened last year and ran decently throughout the spring semester.

Without fail, Starbucks has let students down this fall. The problems range from not having things such as tea or coffee syrup, to machines constantly being broken. Sometimes machines can be broken for more than an entire day. There have also been times when a student asks for lattes or mochas and are simply handed a cup with syrup and told to use the carafes for the coffee. This costs around three dollars for a small size.

During Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend, a time where these problems should be at a minimum, they had the same issues. Seeing as the school advertised that the Starbucks would be open for the weekend, this inconvenience should not have happened.

Maybe it’s the pressure of being the only café at school that’s making things difficult or whoever is in charge did not realize how much students rely on their drinks to get through the day. Perhaps it was the thought Starbucks could handle it or even that students wouldn’t mind an issue here or there.

This would not be that much of a problem if it was still the first few weeks of school. However, it is now October and Starbucks has been open for almost a year.

It’s difficult to understand how there can still be so many issues and why it’s so hard to get a hot coffee or tea. There have been other students complaining about how bad it’s been, mentioning they simply just walk away as soon as they hear the word “No.”

On top of that, the school seems to be pushing for us to use Boost, a new app that lets you order and pay ahead of the time, so your order waiting for you. The problem is, Boost uses real money, not dining dollars.

Not many students have a large amount stored in their bank account that they are willing to spend on coffee everyday. The idea of Laser Loot and Dining Dollars was created for students to save more of their funds to be used for more important purchases. Students will turn away from the idea of spending money of their own in favor of using the benefits of their Torch cards.

With The 1851 open for business, Starbucks may feel less pressured during their day-to-day service. It could be a perfect time for the business to reinvent themselves and create a better reputation on campus. Starbucks could use a few cups of morning coffee itself in order to continue to thrive on campus.

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