Ten designers take the spotlight in Boston Fashion Week

Danielle Hogan & Taylor CamilloArts Editor & Jr. Opinion Editor

Lasell’s Boston Fashion Week Exhibit opened Tuesday, Oct. 2 at One Seaport in South Boston. Ten students were featured in the exhibit: Panna Kiss, Linda Avila, Marianna Lenskaya, Cailin Flannery, Elizabeth Castaldi, Eunice Bruno,  all from the class of 2019; and Samantha Rego, Christa Augustus, Elizabeth Witherell, and Sabrina Michaud, all from the class of 2020.


Kathy Benharris of KB Productions organized the event and chose all 10 garments featured. Aiding Benharris were her four Lasell interns, Armani Turner,  Corey Gray, Hannah Meyers, and Brittany Belgrave-Sealy, all from the class of 2019.  

Benharris used the history of the Seaport as her motivation for the pieces she chose. The Seaport has an infamous history, but now is an up and coming area of Boston. Benharris said that the construction in the area and the glass buildings inspired her to choose Augustus’s and Rego’s mirrored and glass garments, saying it reminded her of the all glass buildings seen around the Seaport.  

Michaud was featured as the focal point of the exhibit with her non-textile garment from Spring 2018. Her inspiration is from Georgia O’Keefe and coral reefs. She took the colors and textures from each source to create a unique ball gown, using a tablecloth, buttons, gems and coffee filters. Michaud said, “I am happy to see that my creativeness is being viewed as the focal point. It makes me feel like my hard work and dedication is paying off and it only makes me want to push harder.”  

Bruno’s couture piece was a gown was created with a deep green silk and boning for structure. Coincidentally, her garment complimented Castaldi’s garment. Bruno said her piece was the contrasting dark piece to Castaldi’s white garment, which also had  elements of silk and boning. The bodice of Bruno’s piece resembles that of a corset and the boning from the corset extends to the end of the gown.  

Bruno said by being able to get criticism and feedback, “… you get to see what is working and what is not working in terms of color and… what people are drawn to versus what they’ll actually wear. Just in general with all those things, it’s interesting to get to see that first hand in a space where other people are looking at garments and you see what they’re flocking to and what they’re not flocking too as well.”  

Industry professionals including bloggers, journalists and photographers attended the event as well.  

Professor of Fashion and Program Director of Fashion Lynn Blake commented since the garments are only featured for a short time on the runway, it’s nice to see them out and about. 

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