Girl’s Rugby Is Being Lead by New Coach

By Casey DiBari, Zach Houlte & Brianna VanDeusen – 1851 Staff 

Rugby is a gritty, brutal and not for the faint of heart type game. They aren’t wearing protective pads or helmets. The only protection they have are mouth guards and evasive moves against opponents. Football has plenty of protection but this game is the raw form of that. For Nick Lucido, rugby is what drew him to Lasell in the first place.

“When I was applying to colleges, I wanted to make sure there was a rugby team. I ended up being really into it obviously. The teammates I had when I first started made that really, really easy for me. They were great guys, you know, they were essentially my family away from home” said Lucido.

The team had unity and were a family together, all pursuing the same cause. It had a lasting impact on him.

“We all had each other’s best interest at heart for the most part, you know? We took care of each other and that was a huge thing because not only was I doing a sport that I love but there was a culture involved that I felt comfortable and really happy with” recalls Lucido.

It is the love for the game that has brought Nick back to Lasell, this time as the coach for the girl’s rugby team. After originally being the assistant coach for the boy’s team last year, he was told about the opportunity to take over as coach for the girl’s team and went for it.

The 2018 season marks his first year coaching and Nick comments that it has been a teaching year for both him and the girls.

“This year we’ve had a couple of hiccups. We got a bunch of girls at first… But you know, we’ve had some up and downs. It’s definitely been a teaching year. A lot of these girls are either playing for the first time or it’s their first time ever seeing a game” Lucido explains.

However, the team seem to have faith in him. Whether they win or lose, Nick asks for one thing from the girls: to give it their all. It’s such determination and care that will surely lead the team to more victories as the season goes on.

Kenleigh Manseau, Secretary for the team says, “He will succeed because he is able to have a connection with the girls and is able to give examples of plays from his own experience.”



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