Shhhhh in the Library!

By Emily Long – 1851 Staff  

When you entered the library for the first time this year, you might have noticed some pretty big changes. Over the summer,  the first floor of Brennan Library was remodelled. This makeover moved First-Year Advising from Bancroft house into the area where the Children’s Library and computer stations used to be. In addition to this, the Academic Achievement Center and group study area is located on the first floor.

With all these changes it’s hard to ignore the noise. Although the second floor is designated quiet study, the noise does travel upstairs, as there is no definite partition between the two. Students use the library for an array of reasons. Of those reasons, they are mostly there to study and get homework done. As a result of Lasell being so small, we have limited places to study that are designated as “quiet.” Many of us put in our headphones and try to ignore the noise however, not all students can study with the extra sound.

Not every student has the luxury of going back to their room and studying. For some, the distraction of their bed, TV and friends warrants no work getting done.  In other situations, when roommates have opposite schedules, having a space to go to can keep the peace. For commuter students, the library provides a space to get work done when working at home is too hectic.

Lasell offers so many important resources to their students. However, we need to keep the spaces that are designated as quiet undisturbed to allow for an environment the fosters student success.


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