5 Questions Every College Student Will Be Asked This Thanksgiving

By Hannah Akerly – 1851 Staff

We all love holiday breaks and a little off-campus time to relieve ourselves from the stress of school. There’s truly no feeling like sleeping in your own bed and indulging in a home-cooked meal. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the entire family waiting to see you after a hiatus, there’s bound to be questions at the dinner table. So pass the stuffing and drench your mashed potatoes with gravy – things are about to get interesting.

1. Are you dating anyone yet?

Nope, not yet. It’s perfectly okay being single by the way.


2. What are your plans after you graduate?

I have no idea Aunt Carol, and I probably won’t until the day I walk across the stage.


3. How are classes going?

Great! I only had 2 breakdowns this week with finals being right around the corner. When are the therapy animals coming again?


4. Why do you have holes in your jeans?

It’s called fashion and I bought them that way – it’s trendy and I like them.


5. You look so skinny, are you eating? / Have you gained weight?

We have a buffet of food and no one to tell us when we’ve had enough. I prefer to call it “indulging in life.”


Media courtesy of giphy.com

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