Sexual Assault Is Not a Dr. Seuss Children’s Book

By Madison Ortiz 

Lasell College talks about enforcing consent knowledge but hasn’t taken any steps to make a difference in educating students on this issue. Lasell should have a mandatory consent class required to graduate. The course would teach students how important consent is, understand how to handle certain situations and help prevent sexual assault cases from happening.

Approximately 1 in every 5 women on a college campus in America will experience sexual assault. Lasell has roughly 2,000 students – that’s about 500 women (assuming all students are female) who will be sexually assaulted. If we were to ask a Lasell student what the statistics are, most wouldn’t know. The majority of students have taken a health and/or sex ed course in high school but few took it seriously – unaware of the severity until they got to college. In a college dorm building at Lasell, there are consent posters hung up featuring Dr. Seuss rhymes. This makes the topic of consent seem less serious than it actually is. Some may disagree saying that rhymes make things easier to remember however, these are college students. They have been preparing for the “real word” all their lives and now is the time for real world talk – not rhymes to learn that consent is non-negotiable.

Preventing sexual assault on a college campus is about as easy as teaching an old dog new tricks and this is not how it should be. By requiring mandatory sexual assault classes that provide in-depth discussions about what it is, what to do and how to help, we could be the campus that starts a chain reaction. If Lasell required this class, it would not only help prevent sexual assault, but would benefit survivors by offering a place of refuge.

Let’s work together to inform and protect our students and our community.

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