December graduates

By Megan Palumbo1851 Co-Editor-in-Chief

While seniors are looking forward to winter break to decompress and prepare for one more semester, some seniors are finishing a semester early and graduating in December. Lasell offers a variety in academic plans that allow students to graduate in three years, or three-and-a-half, giving students the ability to be flexible with their education. 

Graduating early isn’t a new idea for senior communications major Lizzy Leahy. “I knew I was going to be graduating early when I came here for open house,” she said. “I was stuck between the state school in Connecticut and Lasell, and with graduating early, being an RA and having a job, I was actually able to make it cheaper to go to an out of state private school.”

This opportunity came to senior communications major Cameron Brennan while he was planning to study in Washington D.C. as part of the American University exchange program last summer.  “Looking at my actual plan and what I had left, I wouldn’t have been able to come back in the spring 2019 semester as a full-time student,” Brennan said. “I mean, the math works out to be more cost efficient and effective for me to graduate in three and a half years rather than four.”

Senior communications major Jasmine Wilson was in a similar situation to Brennan. “I feel like it came as a surprise. I’m was sitting with my advisor one day and she’s like ‘hey you only have like 19 credits and then you’ll be done,’” Wilson said. She was able to take a course over the summer and finish the rest of her credits in the fall. “I’m excited because I mean money is always definitely a concern…the cost is astronomical. So, the sooner the better.”

Although these seniors are finishing early, they still have big plans ahead. Wilson said, “I’m going to Seoul, [South] Korea, that’s a definite. I might try to get another internship. Possibly because I’m doing nothing related to my major now, so to do something in advertising would be good just to get my foot in the door.”

“I’m planning to apply to grad school for the fall 2019 semester,” said Brennan. “I’ll be able to take January and February to apply for an assistantship as well, which could help me pay for grad school.” Brennan mentioned he’s seeking a master’s degree in either higher education or athletic administration.

Leahy laughed when she was asked what’s next. “I finally have an answer! Last week I actually booked a flight to France, and I’ll be there for a month,” she said. “I’m thinking about being there and not having to do anything, and it’s the craziest responsibility.”

When asked how to describe the feeling of graduating in less than a month, Wilson said, “Imagine the sound [you make] when you’re descending from a roller coaster and then finally getting off…’ahhh…oooh.’” 


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