The Spartones compose more than just melodies

By Emily Long & Chris Bretti1851 staff 

The Spartones performed before a Providence Bruins hockey game at the Dunkin Donuts Center. (L-R) Jackson Burhans, Carter Migre, Kara Dausch, Sarah Lindquist, Sarah Lano, Danny Burns, Emmanuella Jean-Louis. Photo courtesy of Sarah Lindquist

When strolling through Winslow at night, students can hear the melodies of Lasell’s a capella group, the Spartones.

Founded in 2013 by Lasell alum JR Costello, the Spartones have firm roots within the Lasell community. President Sarah Lindquist and Vice President Danny Burns could not clarify the significance of the name “Spartones.”

Currently, the Spartones consists of 10 students whose voices span across a mixture of voices and musical notes. The current members range from freshmen to seniors of various majors.

The Spartones aim to build synergy, especially with newer members, that lends itself to creating music with only their voices by doing ice breakers and getting to know each other.

“It can sometimes be difficult if you have a large veteran body and then you bring in new students because the veterans already know what is going on and they know our old repertoire. There is definitely an adjustment period, but it eventually passes,” said Lindquist. 

As the group builds their sound, they draw influences from modern groups such as Pentatonix and the Nor’easters as well as other collegiate a cappella groups.

The Spartones aim to be as positive and uplifting with their music choices as possible. Overall, they want to convey their message of acceptance to the greater community, “We’re very welcoming. We try to create this family that is loving and caring and we want them to have fun while also learning and putting in the work,” said Lindquist.

The group performs at various events on and off campus throughout the semester. The Spartones have made appearances at Dunne House, Arnow  Campus Center and the Athletic Center.  They also have a tradition of performing before games for the Providence Bruins hockey team.

“If you love music and you want to be apart of something, the Spartones is for you. If you want to be yourself and wanna do something you love with people that support and love you, the Spartones is for you. We encourage everyone to be open minded and spread positivity,” said Lindquist.

“If there is an event you’d like to have us at, don’t hesitate to reach out,” said Lindquist. Auditions for the Spartones occur at the beginning of each semester. 

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