A lively celebration of the dead

By Katie Peters & Hannah Akerly – 1851 Staff 

Lasers gathered on Friday, Nov. 2 for an event held by the Brennan Library to celebrate the Mexican spiritual holiday Day of the Dead.

Dia de los Muertos, or “day of the dead,” is a traditional Mexican holiday that honors those who have died and celebrates their life. The most widely known symbol honoring day of the dead are sugar skulls. The skulls are often colorful and decorative, similar to the ones depicted in the popular Disney/Pixar lm “Coco.”

“Coco” was shown to students to honor this holiday along with traditional Mexican food. Pancakes were served hot with fruits, syrup and whipped cream as per tradition of Brennan Library movie nights. Mexican hot chocolate and Pan de Muertos, which is also known as the Mexican Bread of the Dead, were also served. Students also left the event with traditional Day of the Dead sugar skull tattoos.

The librarians who put on this event, Elaine Arruda and Anna Sarneso, want events like this to be an alternative activity for students to partake in as a fun and relaxing experience on a Friday night instead of partying. “We wanted there to be options for students on a Friday night that doesn’t involve alcohol and involve free food and a great movie,” says Sarneso.

Some students were pleased the the celebration occurred. “Since I’m Hispanic, I like to see things that represent my culture and other cultures,” says first year Yadira Medina.

Many of the students who attended the event found the movie very engaging and enjoyed the story of Miguel Rivera and his journey to and from the world of the dead. Students left this event knowing more about Day of the Dead and what it means to the Mexican Culture.


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