“The Last Rocket” finally blasts off

By Zach Houle – 1851 Staff

The rap group Migos is one of the latest popular presences in hip-hop. Songs such as “Bad and Boujee,” “Slippery,” and “Pipe It Up” put them on the map. Members Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff have produced hit after hit. The three members are launching solo projects; Quavo started with “QUAVO HUNCHO” released in October. Takeoff released his solo album “The Last Rocket” on Nov. 2.

At first glance, it was surprising to see that there were only two features on this album. Takeoff’s only included Quavo on “She Gon Wink,” and an artist named Daytona Fox featured on “Infatuation.” Honestly, Takeoff could’ve done it all by himself without features. Just hearing Takeoff on a whole song by himself is enough to keep the listener engaged.

The single “Last Memory” has Takeoff holding his own over a spacey beat. “Infatuation” is a nice touch as Takeoff dives into the subject of love with a bouncy beat and pleasant vibe.


This album is significant for Takeoff, giving him the spotlight for a refreshing rollout of solo songs. “The Last Rocket” was a better album than Quavo’s “QUAVO HUNCHO” because it was more of a memorable solo effort that had all the energy without all the features.

On Quavo’s album, most of the features outperformed him, which really diminished the value of the tracks. Takeoff’s talent was something unknown in the trio. The album gives the listener plenty of tracks that are memorable, and achieves Takeoff’s goal to assert himself as a major presence among his peers. The songs on “The Last Rocket” didn’t get old and had above average production that assisted Takeoff in launching his reputation as a solo artist.

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