10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

By Hannah Akerly – 1851 Staff 

Low temps and short days got you feeling down? The seasonal blues are real and with this listicle, you now have 10 ways to beat them! 

Relax – After rushing around during the holiday season, I recommend taking time to  snuggle up in a cozy blanket and read a book, watch a movie, write in a journal or anything you find to be relaxing.

Read – There are so many fantastic new books out there that can take you to a place far away from these winter blues. Snuggle up with a classic like Jane Eyre or a new find: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Both are sure to deliver an engaging read.

Hangout – Cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside and spend time with friends. Put your phone away and engage in new conversations, games, movies, sledding or even paint nights.

Visit Family – Living at college sometimes means rarely seeing your family but on these cold winter days, choose to go. Purchase that bus ticket, pack up your car and go see your family. Enjoy catching up and eating delicious home cooked meals.

Exercise – The cold, winter weather often keeps us indoors but opt to go outside and take a walk or hit the gym with a friend. Soon enough you’ll be able to BEAT the winter blues!

Take a Nap – We all need time to wind down and turn our brains off so put on your comfiest sweatpants and crawl into your warm blankets. Enjoy a nice, long nap.

Drink hot chocolate – Hot chocolate is a staple during the winter season so don’t miss out on making one of these delicious drinks! Don’t forget to top it off with some whipped cream and cinnamon.

Set Goals – It’s always a good idea to set goals and aspirations for the New Year. Even if they’re small, take time to sit down and write a few things you wish to accomplish.

Eat Right – After eating holiday food and leftover sweets, it’s time to take a turn for healthier eating. With an abundance of delicious meals out there that prove nutritious for both body and mind, you have options! Choosing what to eat in college can be hard but try something new – you may find a plate you really enjoy.

Get Outside – Talking yourself into taking a walk when the temperature plummets isn’t easy but the benefits are huge. Spending time outside can improve focus, reduce symptoms of sadness and lower your stress level.


Photo courtesy of Google Images

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