Lasell College Radio takes on New York City for the IBS Awards

By John MacLean – 1851 contributor 

NEWTON, MA — During the first weekend in March, a handful of Lasell College Radio board members are heading to New York City to represent the school at the 79th annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards.

IBS is a conference and award group that takes place in a few major cities across the country. College and high school radio stations submit their best content to compete with each other. WLAS 102.9FM Lasell College Radio has been nominated 11 times at the IBS awards. Just a few of the honors include Best Overall On-Air Schedule, Best Sports Play-By-Play (Other) and Best Sports Update.

According to studio manager Matt Berentsen, IBS presents Lasell a chance at earning some true acknowledgment. “The awards are great because it creates validity and recognition for what we work so hard on throughout the year,” said Berentsen.

“What is great about IBS is the ability to talk to students from all over the country who are interested in radio and compare what your stations are doing. We also get to meet industry professionals and create contacts for the real world. We are up for 11 awards this year and I feel very excited to see how we do,” Berentsen says excitedly.

As one could imagine, this is a huge opportunity for Lasell College Radio to show other schools that radio is something Lasell takes seriously. Every DJ on the radio staff is passionate about their craft. In fact, one of the DJ’s whose show has been nominated for Best Sports Update believes it’s a huge personal achievement.

Booking director Jared Giurleo talks about his nomination saying, “Going to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting system awards ceremony is mind blowing to me. Our show got nominated out of colleges all across the country.”

Giurleo continues by saying, “We are nominated for best sports recap for our segment discussing Football games. This is our first year doing Real Talk Radio and it’s nice to see both Connor and I have our hard work get some recognition.”

The IBS event lasts for three days, March 1st – 3rd, but the awards ceremony everyone has their eye on will be held on March 2nd. With Lasell attracting 11 nominations, it will be exciting to see how the radio fares on a national level.

radio 2.png

Jared Giurleo (left) and Matt Berentsen (right) chat on the radio.

Photos by John MacLean


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