Constructing a community

By Chris Bretti 1851 Staff 

Lasell has introduced and implemented new construction projects on campus since the beginning of this semester. Among some of these projects, two stand out: the ice rink and the television studio.

The ice rink, located at the tennis courts across from Arnow Campus Center, is a great spot to skate around or play an exciting game of ice hockey. However, it’s only great and fun when you own a pair of ice skates. Students unable to obtain skates cannot take part in the fun.

Lasell missed an opportunity to rent skates out to students, and perhaps faculty and staff. However, because of the few students who participate, some students have explained their liking for the peace and quiet. Despite this, some who use the ice rink ex- pressed concerns that the rink construction is damaging the blades on their skates. This is a problem, as Lasell may not have fully considered the resources and space necessary to create an ice rink of higher quality. Nonetheless, the ice rink is a great way for students to get together, get active, and have a good time.

The second major construction project at Lasell is a TV studio below the library, equipped with professional equipment used in real television studios, such as WBZ or even CBS. Communication students, as well as students in LCTV (and eventually the general public), will be able to create a news broadcast for Lasell students to view. Students and staff, in the communications department, are excited to see the full potential of the studio. The construction phase has finished and they are making plans to launch content sometime this semester. This studio is a great opportunity to bring the community together, as well as inform and update students on breaking news around campus.

It would be great to see Lasell continue to construct spaces that welcome members of the community. The Arnow Campus Center renovation and the 1851 restaurant are good examples. It welcomes the community to attend ceremonies, events, and performances, or it could just be a place to grab some food and unwind. Construction projects like these are pivotal to small schools such as Lasell. It will help campus stand out to prospective students looking to attend Lasell.


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