Editor’s Corner: In my three years at Lasell

By Morgan VanWickler – Arts Director 

In my three years at Lasell, I’ve gone through three laptops, three cellphones, lived in three different dorms, lost three Lasell Nalgene water bottles, and made the decision to graduate in three years.

At the end of my sophomore fall semester, I received a letter in the mail that (once again) Lasell’s tuition would be increasing. Some may not be affected by the annual $3,000 tacked on to tuition, but I am. Lasell was always my number one college that I wanted to attend, and it was also my financial reach school. I decided I couldn’t stay on the path I was currently on.

I spent my winter break researching different schools to transfer to. I found a good handful that had my major for about half the price of Lasell… but as I looked into their courses and opportunities within their majors I realized I would be missing out. Other schools do not offer the amazing fashion organizations and opportunities Lasell has, such as the Fashion Connection club that organizes lectures for the fashion majors. The other colleges are not members of the National Retail Federation (NRF), they are not invited to Coterie every year. They do not have such strong connections with TJX Corporation, they don’t have specified courses like Studio 51 or the Converse course. So, my only option was to graduate early.

On one hand, I came to the realization how much my education at Lasell was worth, especially in regards to the Fashion Program. I would never have met the same level of faculty and students anywhere else. I don’t believe I would love my major as much as I still do if it weren’t for the connections and relationships I’ve established at Lasell.

On the other hand, I had to take 18 credits for my last three semesters. I also had to take two college courses over this past summer, and I took two online courses over winter break, adding up to $2,000. I also had nine credits of electives from my AP courses in high school which cost me $270; but the greatest cost I’ll be paying for is not graduating with my original class. I won’t sit amongst the people I know to be my closest friends, I won’t walk side by side with them in the Torchlight Parade, and I won’t be able to participate in many Senior Week activities due to my age.

I have not seen my extra $6,000 bene t my college experience because everything that I value in my education at Lasell was already established when I came to this school. It instead led me to make the decision to fast forward my college experience.

It has been a lot of work to get myself to this point, and as of now I don’t regret it; I’m saving myself from paying roughly $50,000. But I’m not quite sure yet if it was worth it–only time will tell.






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