Ian Meropol: from sports to college PR

By Casey DiBari – Opinion Editor 

Director of Communications Ian Meropol led the graduate communication lecture on Jan. 30. Prior to joining Lasell, he was regarded highly in the communications field for 15 years.

Meropol began his career in broadcast journalism working as a producer on the “Dennis and Callahan Morning Show” before making the switch to public relations.

“I always wanted to work in sports radio.” Meropol explained. “That’s what I wanted to do since I was five years old… I remember going to bed every night with my clock radio on listening to the Red Sox or the Celtics.” He went on to share that with his family’s support, he would go to school in South Carolina. There, he majored in journalism with a concentration in television and radio.

“My first week on campus, being the sports radio buff that I was, [I was] changing the dials and trying to find the local sports radio station and I found it… I ended up calling up the station and asked if I could speak with the host off the air,” Meropol said.

According to Meropol, he was given an internship as soon as he came in and was immediately sent to cover a press conference. It was this experience that went on to help him further his career. He spoke about his time at a New England Cable News Network as an Associate Producer, before meeting, through his sister, the daughter of ESPN sportscaster Chris Berman. He used this connection to try and get a job at ESPN.

Meropol got a call from someone in ESPN about an open job in Bristol, Conn., but did not initially receive the position. “I was just devastated. I thought my one shot of working at ESPN, launching my career… I didn’t get it,” Meropol said. However, he went on to explain the importance of keeping relationships in this industry. He explained how he kept in touch with his contact at ESPN, emailing him once a week.

Due to this relationship, Meropol would get offered the job in Bristol again, this time receiving it, and would go on to say that this is where he received his Master’s in media.

Meropol explained everything would change when he was 31-years old. He had just gotten married with a baby on the way. “[My wife] was the first person who believed in me,” he said. She helped him realized what he had learned in TV and radio can translate to public relations.

Meropol continued sharing his experiences in the PR world so far, along with the types of clients he has worked with, including how he got a Lasell professor Claudia Renaldi an interview with WBZ’s Ben Parker, despite her having jury duty. Since then, Parker has written nine stories for Parker, and Lasell professors have been featured on WBZ nine times in the past five months.

Meropol said he has been grateful for his time in TV, radio and PR, and is happy to be working with the faculty and staff of Lasell.


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