Lasell taken by (snow)storm

By Megan Palumbo & Danielle Hogan – Co-Editor-in-Chief & Arts Editor

On Jan. 22, the community experienced the first snow of the semester. It was a beautiful array of white stuff, which swiftly turned into freezing rain and ice, leading to poor conditions around campus.

Based on lack of preparation, both the college and the city of Newton failed students and faculty that day. By the time plows came around, sidewalks and streets were covered in a sheet of ice. Even with efforts to salt the sidewalks the next day, Lasell was an ice rink.

We heard stories that four students were injured due to the ice, including a member of the 1851 staff who fractured her elbow when she slipped in front of Edwards Student Center on her way to the mailroom.

The college must exercise caution as many students on campus have disabilities or long-lasting injuries to be weary of. Students and employees have to walk all over campus, whether it be from their car to class or dorm to the dining hall.

Lasell Village was equally as much of a nightmare. Members of the retirement community should be able to take their morning and afternoon walks without the terror of the treacherous trails.

The next storm that hit campus, salt was laid down long before snow came. The plows were also out all night making sure campus was clear.

The campus closed that day at 2 p.m. in order to ensure the safety of the entire community.

The school learned its lesson after the first storm, but at what cost? We go to school in New England — we should be prepared for Mother Nature, considering how subtle this year’s winter has been.



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